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I love going to the gym and I am transitioning to a vegan diet, although I have been vegetarian since I chose to be at 6 years old. Online dating isn't my first choice but I am open to being pleasantly surprised I am a recent converted vegan who loves to play guitar, work out, and read.

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I have an incredible partnership with the love of my life. My name is Michael,I am a fortysix year old father of two beautiful teenage daughters and five beautiful stepdaughters,one step son. I occasionally eat chicken and fish, but I am primarily vegetarian.

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I have been vegan for about 20 years, vegetarian for about 25 years, started as a kid when I got into animal rights activism. I am vegan first for the animals, secondly for the environment and thirdly for my own health. I always want to surround myself with interesting people who are passionate like I am about what they do and are engaged with their lives. I'm a quirky vegan into tiny homes, minimalism, sustainability. In discussing my hesitation about online dating with a friend, he looked at me and said, "Own your awesomeness!

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I'd rather share a book with someone than watch a movie and often find it more fun to cook together than go dating oregon. Professionally I'm a digital project manager, which I have been doing for about 18 years now. I ride my bike, hike, walk, and love being active and fit. Rich is a 49 year old, male.

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It's important to me to be compassionate, vulnerable, joyful, and authentic. Dan July Christopher is a 42 year old, Atheist male. Full time student Vegan Interests include: This great classroom requires tests to be taken individually but we may have fellow classmates with whom we can study, learn and grow with. They don't live close but I see them periodically and love their company. My sense of humor tends towards the silly and satirical with some added sarcastic self-deprecation.

I have been a vegetarian for more than thirty years, and now veganish. Raising my 8 year old girl in a healthy way.

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My kids are grown, but I really enjoy other people's children. Well, what to say huh? I don't force my eating habits on anybody, I come from a family of dating oregon eaters.

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I attempt to do more good than I do harm and try to enjoy life to the fullest. Balancing the physical and metaphysical worlds, a well-rounded business professional as well as mystic poet guide.

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I love learning new things and being told when I'm wrong. To each his own and I don't claim to know any answers to any of the big questions in life, though I have theories.

Meaningful communication and deep listening are important to me.

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I work as a academic tutor and freelance editor. Living in PortlandOregon Almost veg diet. I'm a total girly-girl, but I still enjoy things like hiking and getting my hands a bit dirty.

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I'm now starting to see more of the ethical reasons and think what we are doing with the mass farming, etc. I like talking about society and philosophical issues as well as latest cute animal video.