Verizon internet hook up Verizon internet hook up

Verizon internet hook up

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My Support Contact Us. Depending on when you ordered home networking, you received one of the routers or gateways shown below. What are My Alerts? This allows you to connect to the Internet anywhere within the wireless signal of your router or gateway. Enter your user ID or Verizon phone number to find your service. Choose Your Internet Service.

Make sure your equipment is plugged in and that the power is working in the rest of your house. In order to provide wireless home networking setup information specific to your hardware, please use the illustrations below to select the type of router or gateway you're using. Network Setup for High Speed Internet. You can hook up access to printers, files, folders, and other hardware devices like scanners and fax machines.

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Close Please SignIn or press the close button. Your Self-Installation Kit provides all the equipment required for your Fios service. Fix a problem Set up or install. The Speed Optimizer tool is for Windows only applications.

Share folders Share printers.

Fix a problem Set up or install. Our technicians need a clear path to work.

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My Fios is installed. Verizon One Windows XP.


The technician may not arrive within the first hour due to pre-work. To get the most out of your new Fios service sreview this list of items which you should become familiar with during your Fios installation. Close Sign In for Personalized Support.

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My Support Contact Us. Be sure to have your order number and zip code or if you have already set up a Verizon account, you can also activate your account using your User ID and password. If you are not, please type this web address into your hook up so that you can activate your service.

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Please have your devices plugged in and accessible. How do I upgrade to WPA2 security?

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Choose Your Internet Service. As phones, mp3 players, game consoles, and other electronics become more sophisticated, more devices can be connected to your wireless home network. What are My Alerts?

Close Please SignIn or press the close button.

Fios Quantum Gateway Setup

Check My Alerts for important information about your Verizon account, appointments, equipment, local outages and more. My Support Contact Us. Wired home networking Wired home networks use Ethernet cable to connect multiple computers and provide faster transfer rates and greater security. Next, you are ready to set up sub-accounts, Outlook Express, and wireless phones to use Verizon Online email.

You are responsible for periodically replacing the battery.

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