Walt and tiffany party down south hook up Party Down South Recap: Daddy Watches Walt’s Hookup and Lyle Writes a Love Letter

Walt and tiffany party down south hook up

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The next day it is Walt, Hott Dogg and Murray's walt and tiffany party down south hook up to hit the beach for work. In other news, the girls are still dealing with the horrific stench caused by the Terror Triplets' stink bomb concoction.

Tiff says she is going to bed because she doesn't feel good, possibly from the amount of bullshit Daddy just fed them all about how alien people are to blame for the scarcity of gold.

And, whaddya know, a few minutes later the phone rings, and Bubba wants to speak to Tiff. Quote of the day? For her part, Mattie realizes they need to back off of Lyle and give him some space to process things on his own.

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Aug 29, And, scout's honor, it makes my week to watch the pool guy mutter, "Oh, my God," repeatedly while scooping all manner of shit literal and figurative out of the water. All this reminiscing inspires her to get in bed with him at the end of the night.

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And you'll see personalized content just for you whenever you click the My Feed. I'm with her — that's a big no.

It's always secondhand information he's sharing with Tiffany and Lauren, so who knows if it's accurate or not.


She tells warns Santana not to call again, and hangs up the cheeseburger phone I'm always impressed by their ability to be angry when they're talking into a cheeseburger. The fellas reckon the same thing, so they call in a pro.

Bubba, as Tiffany explains, works offshore, and connections are spotty. What would you like to know? Please enter a valid email address. By the time they all get drunk and head back to the house, Lyle and Mattie start making out.

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Tiffany ended up solving the problem by burning some sage to erase the negative energy in the house, and the men agreed to spend more quality time with their friends. She wins it all, which is especially impressive since I'm fairly certain Tiff was feeding her the hard words uh, masquerade?

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So when Santana calls the house looking for Lyle and Daddy answers, y'all know Tiffany was having none of that. Please enter a valid email address.

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Behold, Walt impersonating Hott Dogg:. Around the same time, Murray's friend Chi Chi shows up, and he wastes no time getting things going — including a prank involving bringing a yard pig into the house, which Tiff rescues wearing nothing but a towel.

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