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Or is a card too sentimental this early on? I use the word "relationship" very loosely here for lack of a better word, so I'm not talking about a commitment yet. If she is easily swayed by emotions then I would tred carefully. Nobody can smile your smile, laugh your laugh, be wonderful in the way that is so indisputably you.

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You can always save it for next year I would give a card, but it would have to be the right kind. I only knew my current bf for about 2 weeks before his birthday and was in the same predicament that you find yourself in.

I love you more than football and even more than beer!

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A birthday is the first day of another day journey around the sun. The Mysterious Disappearance of Agatha Christie.

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Actually I dont have a bf and am not dating anyone at the moment but I have had this happen once or twice in the past. Today, I present Part 1 of my two-part series on the proper gift for the new or unofficial relationship.

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So forget the card and you'll end up married. Whose presence around has always been a source of joy and happiness for me.

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Originally Posted by Towlie include a Bday card with gift, and if so, what kind? Your email address will not be published. Originally Posted by Towlie Things going well, seen her 2x per week for last 3 weeks, bday is next week. All times are GMT When she gets you that, you KNOW she loves you!

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Yeah, thanks for the votes, but I'm leanin' toward VV's approach at this point. Speed dating nice france More Posts by KingTermite.

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I imagine she most certainly was impressed with your cajones for showing up in a red suit and a bowcard or not. Here are 3 easy ways to handle the situation properly. Just not appropriate coming from me.

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