Where to hook up a tow strap MODERATORS

Where to hook up a tow strap

Here is an example of a D-Ring adaptor and how a recovery strap should be hooked up to one: Kenda K Sand Gecko. He would've called me but it was rush hour and the police showed up. If possible, the recovering vehicle should place the recovery strap to its rear end, which would be the safest place if the strap happens to break. Radiator Protection using 6 bucks worth of material.

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Dick Cepek Fun Country Kevlar. I think the idea is that if the front axle cleared the obstacle then the rear will as well but keeps people from backing against rocks and damaging them. I'd rather hook to the OEM hook point and have it fail, being that it is then pretty excusable, then hook to a non OEM point and have no excuse for any damage.

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You linkedin hookup opening yourself up to litigation by doing this. This is an archived post. The other day, my dad ran off the road in the snow, and he said the towtruck driver hooked up to his axle.

When the strap breaks lets hope for the best, but prepare for the worstthe jackets or tarp will slow the recovery strap down before it hits someone.


Surgery staples couldn't wait, it had to be that day. Probably not, but I've only had one brand of vehicle fail those things.

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Incase the strap may break, lay a tarp or some jackets on top of the recovery strap. Sometimes when the suspension has multiple I shaped links you can hook to the knuckle itself.

Once the vehicle is safely removed, inspect your recovery strap and hardware and hit the road!

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Hahaha, no, I don't. A general rule of thumb, each inch of width will allow you to pull out about 10, lbs. Because the straps are made of Nylon, they stretch.

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Sudden tugs may lead to damage to either of the vehicles or the strap. To help protect the strap from tears, make sure all logs and large rocks are removed from the recovery path. Don't have an account?

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The other, had suspension damage where to hook up a tow strap the entire mount out of the grill and sent the vehicle rolling down the deck. Home-built Saginaw Gearbox Brace for the cost of lunch! I usually go through the spokes and around the hub. So if I have a 3 inch wide strap, it would be rated to tug up to 30, lbs. Kumho Road Venture KL Those tow pins, hooks, eyes Toyo Open Country MT.