Why is dating in nyc so hard 3 Reasons Why Dating Is So Hard For Guys In NYC

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A male 5 will easily date an 8 and treat her like shit in NYC.

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And, yet, totally normal for people who live in this city. Google Street view shows it's a Duane Reade. You go out with a big group and end up alone with a friend of a friend.

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Well, it's not meant to be something to bring up casually on a why is dating in nyc so hard date! He tells you he works in Asia for the majority of the year.

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I also find your edit a little hypocritical, especially considering that nothing in my reply was intended to be hostile. The number of amazing, smart, successful women way outpaces the number of men of similar caliber.

Is dating in NYC really that terrible?

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Any guy you date is not going to have a timeframe for having kids like you seem to. It's about baby hippos and liking classical music, mostly.

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I didn't say people don't find spouses here - I'm only talking about the few women I've known who dated with the explicit goal of husband and kids and their foremost concern. Work is certainly one of th best places to meet guys.

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With so many people in such a small space, with so much to do and so many ways to meet people, this is absolutely one of the best places to find a match. And it was great.

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Instead, learn how to set-up your lifestyle and social circle so that you are naturally meeting women through this channel. Every single time a guy walked up to me at a party, they would ask me what I was doing for living to check how well off I waswhere I lived again to check if I can afford to live in a fancy neighborhoodwho I knew at the party check how connected I was.

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I have found more energy, purpose and importance in nurturing the relationships with my new friends. The most exciting place you have sex other than a certain guy's bed is his couch I bring one, maybe two phones, into my bathroom and text in the shower for goodness sake.

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It is a difficult place in that sense.