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Why is the dating of exodus so important, what happened?

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There are three sets of dates in use: The Cultural Context of Israel. Archeologists use these occupation levels to guide them in dating a site, as well as in establishing the relationship of different levels of occupation.

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Explanation of the famous quotes in Bible: Introduction to Reading the Pentateuch. The late date option is Amosis who overthrew the Hyksos which probably induced a backlash against the related Hebrews.


Historical Dating of the Book of Daniel Why would he have strayed from such an important and wellknown prophet to use another, obscure dating system. They were at least neighbors, at most co-tenants.

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The Late Date Some of the evidence for a later date of the exodus has been presented in countering the arguments for the early date. Handbook to Life in Ancient Egypt.

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Attempts to date the Exodus to a specific century have been inconclusive. If the incident in Exod.

The Late Date

Israel Exploration Journal Its acquisition by Israel, therefore, symbolized the complete possession of the land. His records therefore contrast with those of his predecessor and father, Thut-mose III, in emphasizing individual achievement In general early date supporters would explain the collapse as due to Ammonite, Philistine etc.

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Egyptian theology would not allow for the god-king to die while pursuing runaway slaves. Split and merge into it.

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Biblical Support for a 13th century date BC Even though biblical scholars have found significant problems with the 15th century date for the exodus, there is very little direct biblical evidence for a later 13th century date. After the Exodus the Egyptian army was reconstituted with entirely new units and a new organization.

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Finally, in the 13th century BC, Rameses II built a great capital there and it became known a Rameses from that time on. All of dating process relationship findings were explained and detailed in my TMSJ article.

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The situation is not nearly as simple as you are characterizing it: This pattern continues to be seen throughout history.