World of tanks type 59 matchmaking T-59's preferential matchmaking?

World of tanks type 59 matchmaking

Enter The Type 59

The reality is that the Type 59 has all the advantages of a heavy tank armour and hitpoints as well as all the advantages of a medium tank speed and manouverability. Whether they win or lose…they get paid. Is the type 59 worth it? These differences are taken into account in tooltip boxes. Community Forum Software by IP.

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ScumbagJuJu 14 Posted 24 May - Having a hard time picking a name? I'm kind of surprised by the amount of players who haven't figured this out yet. Always great to hear from people we either inspired or entertained back in the hey-day of CoD.

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Just got called "a gold noob" in game by an enemy I destroyed. Put simply, you won't want to miss this. Try not to use this "armor" often. I enjoy the Type Ladies and gentlemen, enter the Type 59!

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Because this type of battle is the most honest for all of its Maybe I am just unlucky, or is it because there just isn't enough players on our server playing middle tier tanks? That was certainly not my intention.

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Mobility- it isn't fast nor does it accelerate all that quickly but it can get you across the map and into position fast enough. Crew survivability is hence low.

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But I can't see myself getting bored of the Type as easily as the IS-6, the 59 is a medium, more action packed gameplay. Also the gun seem's to troll you with it's less than par accuracy and dispersion, making it hard to hit those tiny soft spots on the heavy armor.

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The sad truth is that many bought it thinking that it truly was OP and were hoping for some major pwnage. As world of tanks type 59 matchmaking as it keeps its moneymaking ability, I'm fine.

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They increased the MM value of the Type 59 a few months ago so it would get into those rooms you're talking about simply for the reason it was being put in rooms where it was fighting tier 4 tanks.