Worst dating profile picture Welcome to ‘online dating profile pics school for the blind’, I’ll be your guide (30 Photos)

Worst dating profile picture, worst online dating profile photos of all time

The Dirty Cam Shot Although men are quite visual when it comes to women, they can also be very judgmental.

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Women holding a full mickey of vodka or having a 1L bottle of alcohol being poured down their neck is a real No No.

This is a profile photo where there is a physical object such as a cell phone, hat, another person or hand partially covering your face. Although men are quite visual when it comes to women, they can also be very judgmental.

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Recently, I decided to search online as a worst dating profile picture seeking female from the age of 25 — To my unpleasant surprised, I discovered that women and men are making common online dating profile photo mistakes. I invite you to take a look at your current profile photo and ask yourself if the shoe fits….

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Choose an outfit that is fun, put together, and represents your personal sense of style. From A Dating Site Employee. The Dirty Cam Shot.

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The Alcoholic Can you guess what photo this is? I describe these photos as the ones of you ladies lying in bed, without make up on, hair unkempt and it looks like you took a selfie of yourself rolling out of bed.

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I wonder if POF women realize how they shoot themselves in the foot with their profiles. What is he hiding! The Shades Shot I know some of you want to look cool on your main profile photo, but hiding behind your sunglasses is not the best or top choice as your main profile photo.

Group photos of women taken with a bunch of other girls, is also super annoying.

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So there you have just a few examples of some of the worst online dating profile photos you could use as your main photo when you are dating online. Guys who have a better view of the make and model of the cell phone you have, instead of your eye color, might also choose to pass you by.

To my surprise, I actually thought women would do a little better than the men with choosing their primary profile photo.

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Women who are single moms do have success and opportunities online, but advertising you and your kids on your main profile photo may limit the opportunity for men to want to get to know you. Tks love this site.