Wot t21 matchmaking How is T21 compared to M7, and other t6 LTs?

Wot t21 matchmaking

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The gun selection is limited to two 75mm guns. Put yourself in positions where you won't have to get in to a direct confrontation with the enemy. Well WG missed the mark with patch 9.

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The T21 is not merely more of the same. Some battles I am screwed over fast, and others I can just slaughter everything.

If everything goes perfectly, you'll earn a top gun during the late game, when you're cleaning up the flanks. The T21 has less DPM but instead has.

This replay should give a good idea of what's possible with this tank:. Just make sure that you're pressuring those enemy speed dating china. Before you start haulering at the screen because i want to free xp my way up please let me explain why, I have not to much time on my hands due to my job and company, i play WoT to chill, have a good time and relief some tension, so i realy don't want to be bothered by playing tanks i am going to hate.

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At tier 5 in the medium line youhave the M4 Sherman. It is recommended to combine or mix and match as preferred equipment to these main playstyles:.

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It requires patience and good teamwork. Yah it does fine if you have a good team, really good infact but usually pub teams just don't let this thing work for me. The M12 sees an increase in damage per shot coming from the M I can't say the T is bad or not. The M is a terrible grind until the mm is wotted t21 matchmaking and is one of the hardest tier 9 grinds.

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Try to get in as much damage as possible during this phase. Sounds like a wot t21 matchmaking.

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Second time ive been near the top whilst bottom tier. Spoiler Better late then never! Just waiting for the event to end on the 24th to sell the T21, the pain is over for me. The matchmaker takes the corresponding line from the table below and sees that the IS has battle tiers from 7 till 9.

By Assassin7 Started Tuesday at In my WZ MM puts me into similar matches all the time and it's just 10 times better in every single way It falls into the same category as the Type Started by MerovingianJan 15