Wwe speed dating commercial wwe Royal rumble commercial: Speed dating

Wwe speed dating commercial

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The man over-the-top rope hour of fun is perfect material for commercials speed dating commercial all. The bog-standard WWE Royal Rumble commercial is pretty much a guaranteed winner, and with three decades worth of footage in the bag, the only way they could produce a dud would be by actively sabotaging themselves.

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His favourite wrestler of all time is Dean Malenko, but really it is Repo Man. He is the author of 'An Illustrated History of Slavic Misery', the best book about the Slavic people that you haven't yet read.

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WWE is one of those strange, strange beasts that manages to produces better content when they barely try than other occasions when they really go all out. Those 30 years have seen a wild mix of commercials, from musical mock-ups to the good old-fashioned statistical bombardment that the Royal Rumble does so well.

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The does lose points however, for ending with a shot of Daniel Bryan celebrating on the ropes, increasing the hope and belief that the members of the YES! Born in the middle of Wales in the middle of the 's, John can't quite remember when he started watching wrestling but he has a terrible feeling that Dino Bravo was involved.

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The Royal Rumble commercial, the first of the WWE Network era, is as solidly generic as they come, but even that makes for a winner. Now living in Prague, John spends most of his time trying to work out how Tomohiro Ishii still stands upright.

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If there is one thing WWE does well, it is slow-motion shots of talent in tensely-lit rooms. Movement had once again going into the show. Don't dangle smack carrots in front of the addicted WWE, just don't. You can buy it at the link below There have been many wacky and wonderful commercials for WWE pay-per-views over the years, but even within this the ones made for the Royal Rumble stand out.

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