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If you are more than 8 weeks pregnant this is an accurate calculation, and will be used to estimate the date your baby is due to be born known as estimated date of delivery or EDD. Search this Thread Advanced Search. This inactive post may not receive community feedback.

Finally, I went with Wythenshawe simply because it's nearest They support the practice of midwives and ensure that the care offered is right for you, is given in the right place, by the right person and that it will benefit you and your baby.

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Shop Til You Drop. My first appt was my 12wk scan where none of the sonographers turned up and had to wait 3hrs to be seen by someone, who was great incidentally.

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The midwife just told me 'no one ever said childbirth would be pain free my dear' and 5 minutes later I had an abruption. Edd says Jordan his eldest son finally opened his eyes on Monday night, but did not recognise him.

Our staff Our Lead Sonographers are: Post-discharge care — starting your life together The weeks and months after you give birth are extremely important in terms of bonding with your baby and making sure you are both progressing well health-wise. The facilities were brilliant.

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I live in South Manchester. The midwives were fantastic and once it became apparent that I needed an emcs at least 15 people all arrived to do their stuff and ensure me and my baby were well.

And best of luck Floss!! The midwife who examined me didn't think I would even make it into the pool. Each year hospital dating scan 4, babies are delivered in the consultant led delivery unit. I had to stay in Wythenshawe maternity ward for a week in April at 24 weeks pregnant and couldnt fault it.

For general help please read our Help section or contact us. Search Saint Mary's Hospital.

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Baby belly button help! We use cookies to help us improve the website and your experience using it. Midwives were great too, and they really helped me to get Breastfeeding established after I'd given birth. The delivery suite staff were fantastic and saved me and my child thank God.

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If you think you have a medical emergency, call your doctor or emergency services immediately.