Yongseo dating 2013 150119 [News] CNBLUE’s Yonghwa reveals his dating style!

Yongseo dating 2013

Chris R April 10, at Sorry but this is nonsense. Super Junior fans all know this. This is just full on delusional. News 1 via Nate 1. We'll probably never know. I like the Yongshin couple but Yongseo look cuter together. We should hope that netizenbuzz uses their power for the greater good and realizes that with great power, comes with great responsibility.

Yonghwa is not even a good actor to begin with celebs can fall in love when they act together in drama, so what's the different with a reality tv show? But yeah no one thinks YongSeo is real, its pretty obvious if you watched the show.

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Excuse me while I laugh at your delusional mindset. Also 8th comment again no Suju don't live at the same villa as Seohyhun lol. He's all heartbroken after Victoria dates Changmin. Dating Yongseo To shinhye yongseo. Anonimoose April 10, at Good god, look anywhere and YongSeo supporters pop up everywhere. Most of the time, it's just a slow-down of a 1 seconde look or movement that they repeat during the 4 minutes of the video.

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Give it a rest JFC. KyuHyun and Yong Hwa? I just lost my appetite, considering there's a big bowl of chicken in the fridge at the kitchen I was looking forward for lunch.

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At most, their relationship is that of an older brother looking after a younger sister. Proof that Yonghwa's dating Shinhye and end this thing. Adraw April 10, at I know Kyuhyun is not gay.

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First he recently said in an dating 2013 that he never dated since his debut with SuJu. And who knows, perhaps you could go down the freemium route and develop the next Plenty of law of dating 2013 age dating Fish.

Suju didn't live in this villa. All I just said was how amusing and entertaining it is to see people from 2 fandoms go at one another like internet gladiators lol. Great Seohyun, now please, save the world more. GreyLeaves April 10, at Maybe in SK but abroad yongseo are crazier and larger.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Theyll take solace in knowing that you two are of like minds. Does Yesung like girls who strip on cam? Yeah, I know what you mean. Look at the votes of the original article: Where are you getting your "Yong Hwa is mean" from?

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