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I also personally believe that this is my calling to bring the light to the doomed ZCCs. This is what I want to let you know today, the blood of Jesus Christ is powerful. Your life menu Celebrities Food dating Entertainment Soapies. Ask me later Smoking: Join and create your free profile today to see how well you match with him, and hundreds more.

This is how a stroke attack is made: Lekganyane had given me demonic powers. If someone has died, he is dead, Hallelujah.

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Lekganyane is bounding people with fear giving them these demonic Tea and use the Teas to deceive them. Horses menu Columnists Racing News. Even at work, If I felt jeolus of a certain leader or if someone had made me angry, I would make his life miserable in that manner.

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Lekganyane come to speak to me, Lekganyane can speak to you and you can hear his voice like God does. Behind these framed images of Lekganyane is certain soft paper materials which are normally used by the Pastors of ZCC to pray for people, it is a green paper and a newspaper, these papers are locked inside these frames.

Yes it is true, this man works for Satan.

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That is why he can tell secrets about your life, he can tell you about what you have been through in your life and what is dating around you, you must know that you have given your life to Lekganyane. Lekganyane takes this blood to the powers of darkness, Lekganyane uses the powers of darkness, so this blood is taken to the kingdom of darkness.

Log in to your account Username: This floor manager then removed me from being a permanent worker; I went to him to explain to him that I had a problem of being absent minded and loosing dating.

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The god of the church has spoken! He is a great singer National Gospel Artistthis guy can mesmerize people with his music, you might be deceived and think that he is really a man of God, but the truth is not so.

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Let me get back to Lekganyane. Like I said in Matthew 24 there are people who will come and proclaim to be christs and deceive many people. It's just a flag! The second thing that I dating to explain is the baptism of ZCC. This khakhi uniform is worn by certain people especially those who do gather on Fridays and Saturdays and pray the whole night, they wear certain types of boots and a black ZCC cap.

Panel want to know about the exclusion of women in senior ranks and bishop’s control of finances.

But chairperson for the commission Thoko MkhwanaziXaluva said she was satisfied with how the church handled its finances and its day-to-day activities. Even the products for make-up and some perfumes.

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You can ask yourself that question. How can you speak to something that was made by your own hands? Lekganyane is somebody who can camouflage, he functions as God. God says you must not bow down to the spirits of the dead.